Originally founded in 2012 by an L.A. native who found solace in the soothing sounds of reggae music, Uplift exists to spread reggae's messages of peace & positivity to the masses. We believe positivity has the power to connect people worldwide.


Uplift is a family owned and operated brand that is is rooted in reggae and built on good vibes & good times.

Rooted In Reggae

From the start, Uplift has sought to support reggae music. We outfitted bands with gear, and created/distributed complimentary compilation albums with each order. We even organized a few concerts and festivals. Reggae music holds a special place in our hearts. It will always influence our message, and we'll always seek to support the reggae community.


Built On Good Vibes & Good Times

We live for the moments spent away from the city disconnecting from the daily routine. Whether its huddled around a campfire within the trees or around a bonfire by the seas, fresh air and good company is all we need.

OUR values

Be Positive

Life isn’t always easy. We know. We’ve been through struggles too. We’ve felt lost, and at times, we’ve lost hope. Just know there are brighter days ahead for those who believe it - those who understand the realities of life, but also see the possibilities in life - and take action. Life comes in waves. Don’t lose hope.

Be Kind

Be kind to family, to friends and to strangers. Everyone is fighting their own personal battles. Human kindness helps others more than you know. Be kind to yourself. Learn from mistakes and take pride in accomplishments. Strive to be the best version of yourself because you are the only you this world gets.


Be Adventurous

We enjoy getting away from the city to disconnect from the daily routine and enjoy earth’s natural beauty. These moments allow us to reflect on our journey and learn a little more about ourselves. We believe growth comes through adventure.

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